You thought that 6 or 7 e-scooter operators was a lot. Here comes Madrid with 18!

The city of Madrid announced yesterday that they are granting a permit to… 18 operators (!!!) for their e-scooter sharing program. You thought that you have too many in Brussels or Paris with 7? Here is the long list, all these companies have now 2 months to launch in the Spanish capital: Acciona, Eskay, Voi, Taxify, Scoot, Koko, Ufo, Rideconga, Flash, Mobike, Ari, Tier, Alma, Lime, Motit4u, Wind, Jump Uber, SJV Consulting. Surprisingly, Bird has been ejected from the program!

The total of 10 000 scooters will be dispatched in the different districts according to defined figures, that will have to be respected with a daily distribution. As prerequisites, Madrid asked applicants to provide riders and third parties insurance, geolocation, and geofencing-enabled apps.

Another interesting information is that Mobike might be expanding to e-scooters, an information confirmed by its application for a license in Singapore! By the way, 14 operators are applying there.

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